, i

OES nap h , hol ae

ve a ir Tug is ee

I can hear the wolves howling

for their prey as:my burdened

hands become heavier. I bepin

to weigh myself down and drown in the thoughts. Here it i safe and quiet.

ina ‘Ty laid it all down and let it die

and I will wait alone

until I can see the sky gpain the sun

bring me warmth

light into my eyes

“I release a long awaited sigh of relief I stand firm in my growth and release You have loved me and opened my heart to big blue skies The suns warmth, finally shines down upon all our lives \

ea: tla

It is here fT have found the most beautiful new life

ee there igs meaning instilled deep when you try

I am stronger no = aa r [ can not be swept along in the tide|y IT am a piller

Alone I will learn to stand

é é =

is lonely here i 1 watch you float away t wish 1 eould taach you i ou who must choose

co ig 7 hs But you | ip

still close | our And wait for a cancun I

'O come push you along

It Will never arrive

Yet, freely it may arise For it is within |

‘ill a.

—- ~~ 2

tdo it, | They become the terror, they 04

and this is their undoing.


weliaoasl ai ty Sd aii, ; igh, but never time.


this world is so beautiful

We cannot equal it, we cannot live in it for long.

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